Sunday, January 23, 2011

360 Architecture

360 Architecture is a firm located in Kansas City, Columbus Ohio and San Francisco. As a firm headed up by 17 architects and designers with a staff of over 100, they work on Interior Design, Interior Architecture, Architectural Design, Urban Revitalization, Master Planning, Urban Design, Landscape Architecture, Graphics and Wayfinding and Sustainability consulting.

360 Architecture offices located in Kansas City Missouri are in an urban building that as a firm they transformed the space in to their offices. The firm designed their offices to reflect their ethic and design approach. The exterior was unchanged except for a new entry, which is now a place of gathering and breaks space for staff and creates a sense of entry in a fairly monotonous fa├žade. The interior is identifiable as an old urban building in that the firm left the ceiling/HVAC exposed and removed a freight elevator, which opened up a great space of natural light. Many of the vertical surfaces are composed of brick, which gives a sense of connection to the exterior and the urban context. The sustainable practices are evident on the interior where recycled and renewable resources consume the majority of the materials palette. The furniture is where color was introduced to spaces; simple color selections were used on the floor, walls and ceiling. The overall design of the 360 Architecture offices reveals that sustainability, creativity and thoughtful design are the philosophy of the firm.

360 Architecture was created in 2004 after a merging of two firms and since has won over 50 design awards and has worked on over 100 projects. 360 Architecture involves itself in more than just design by being involved in the community as much as they work in office. Their website shows their design work in recent projects is moving towards sports complexes with big projects such as New Meadowlands Stadium in New Jersey, Sprint Center in Kansas City and work for the University of Wisconsin, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Missouri and Auburn. The firm has some amazing work and is still growing. I am excited to see the work to come from 360 Architects and to see how their work and community involvement influence the lives of Kansas City residents and those all over the world.

Entry to 360 Architecture Offices

Area where freight elevator was removed.

360 Architecture lobby/reception, break room and meeting space.

Meeting area, break space and office.

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