Thursday, March 17, 2011

"Big Ass Fans"

The “Big Ass Fans” company is quickly becoming a recognized home name. Is it the crazy name or the quality of the product, I am not sure but there is one thing I know once you have seen one you don’t forget it. 21st Admendment Bar and Lounge on Dickson Street here in Fayetteville is the first time I ever encountered one of these huge fans and at risks of sounding dumb I am now a huge fan of this fan. offers large size fans for both the home and the office even industrial uses. Under how they work on their site it says “Big Ass Fans are the highest quality, most meticulously engineered HVLS fans on the planet. HVLS stands for High Volume / Low Speed, meaning Big Ass Fans move a lot of air with their size (which is up to 24-ft. in diameter), not speed. Moving at a low speed means less energy used for operation, translating into more energy savings for you. And Big Ass Fans aren't just for the warmer months. Big Ass Fans can save you money and keep you comfortable year-round.” So not only does it look cool it also saves energy. I’m sold. What do you think?

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