Saturday, April 23, 2011


The last few days I have been stressing about interviews. What to say, how to look, does my personality fit the company, etc. So from advice by the teachers I put together a LinkedIn account and put together an online portfolio. Look me up on LinkedIn (they say the more connections you have the better it looks, so it will be good for both of us) and check out my online portfolio and tell me what you think. So for my post today I decided to help the people who read this out with links to sites I found helpful about interviews. Here are the links for questions the interviewer might ask you (these are good to go over so that you have an answer in your head so they don’t catch you completely off guard).

These links are of questions for you to ask the employer. I hear you need to have several questions to ask the employer. I also hear that it’s a great idea to ask the employers about themselves because people like to talk about themselves. I hope these are helpful. Good luck!

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