Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring is in the Vases

With all the beautiful flowers blooming in the area I can’t help but to want to put them all over my apartment. The only problem is that all my vases are so boring, so I started looking for fun vases and came across these great vases. The Museum of Modern Art has their gift store online and while searching for vases it popped up. These vases are a little out of my price range but are beautiful. Check them out and let me know what you think. I may have to splurge a little!

Outline Vase

"A novel interpretation of the classic vase, this porcelain "outline" of the familiar shape creates an interesting floral display and gives the admirer a framed, new perspective. "

Magnetic Vase

"These vases are made from aluminum tubes with magnetic bases and magnetic plates. Place the bases under any tablecloth to create a fascinating effect. Perfect for an outdoor party as they appear to magically withstand wind."

Loop Vase

"Elegant yet minimal, this vase is made from beautifully shaped chromed steel wire. It can be used individually or clustered in multiples. Includes a removable plastic tube to hold water and an artificial calla lily."

Clear Aalto Vase

"The word aalto is Finnish for "wave," and in the 1930s Alvar Aalto captured the eternal wave in his classic series of vases. Long included in the MoMA design collection, these now-famous undulating vases are masterpieces of free-form modern design. With a sensual and flowing form, they seem to mimic the water they hold. Each lead-free crystal piece is mouth-blown into a mold and hand-polished."

Chalkboard Vase

"Designer Ricardo Saint-Clair seeks to foster communication and interaction through his designs. This playful bud vase features a chalkboard front that can be used for drawings, messages, and more. The top of the vase is home to a removable glass tube designed to hold water and flowers. A small hole on the side of the vase holds the included chalk. Made of plywood, laminate, and glass. Spot clean with a damp cloth. Optional mounting hardware included. "

Half Pint Creamer

"With a charming design that evokes the half-pint milk carton, this molded clear-glass creamer puts a spin on an everyday item. Made of borosilicate glass."

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  1. I saw the first vase a few months ago and fell completely in love with it! It makes me want to go and just splurge on flowers for my entire house.