Sunday, February 27, 2011

Taking the past to light the future

After last weeks post I went on a search to find repurposed lighting. I stuck out several time and then I got my copy of Interior Design Magazine in the mail and as if it knew what I was looking for there was an ad for repurposed lighting. Conant Metal and Lighting located in Burlington, Vermont “Work Wonders with Metal and Light” has several catalogs full of creative solutions from furniture design to lighting design. Here are some of the great repurposed lighting fixtures they have up on their website.

Science Beakers turned into light fixtures

Yes, that was a fan.

Music stand turned desk lamp

I think I just found a new company to be obsessed with, they work is inspirational and it appears they have a great work ethic. Many of their customers talk about how great it is to work with Conant Metal and Light and how they do a great job of bring a concept to life. One customer even talks about how Conant does a great job of taking their sketch on a cocktail napkin and making it work. They do great work and I would like to use some of their work in my project. Let me know what you think!

Bucket lamp similar to last post


  1. I like the industrial/minimalist look of these

  2. Yeah, I agree. I think they would be really awesome in the right place.